Town Board Meetings
2nd Monday - 6:30 PM
Cutler Town Hall
N10846 2nd Ave
Camp Douglas, WI 54618

Meeting dates/times are subject to change. Watch for agenda postings.

Helpful Links

Building Permits

Print Procedures for Building/Land Use, Driveway, and Fire Sign

Application for Building / Land Use Permit Application

Driveway Specifications and Permit Application

Fire Sign Application

General Building Permit Application

DSPS - Online Building Permit System

Building Inspection Fee Schedule

Fee Calculation Worksheet

Garage Cross Section

Typical Deck Framing Plan


  • • Land owner requests application from clerk, or gets from website.
  • • Application, (which includes all building/use fees and permits available) will be sent to requestor.

Construction Activity in Municipality Procedure:

  • • Obtain Sanitary Permit/ or Re-connect permit from County Zoning or thru plumber.
  • • Apply for use Permit thru Cutler
  • • Have TWO (2) sets of Site and COMPLETE building plans for inspector to review.
  • • Have Energy Work Sheet (SB5518) or Wis Res Check filled out by designer or HVAC contractor
  • • List of ALL contractors and proper certification numbers. Owner may draw and sign application, but assumes ALL responsibility during the building process by signing waiver!
  • • Contact Inspector, he will provide you with necessary forms and review plans and the STATE Permit Application.
  • • Please allow some time for approval process and always plan ahead for inspections; inspector has 48 hrs. to inspect from notification or project may resume.
  • • Inspection types
    • – Excavation and footing forms and soil erosion
    • – Poured footings and walls and drain tiles before backfill
    • – General rough framing
    • – General rough electric plus meter pedestal and main panel
    • – All rough plumbing
    • – General rough HVAC
    • – Insulation and Vapro Barriers
    • – Final Occupancy Mandatory, to insure no health or safety issues.
  • • Code Violations have 30 days to rectify and bring into compliance
  • • Recall inspections will be charged per fee schedule and due at final occupancy
  • • Maintain soil erosion until site is stable and tracking onto public highways will be cleaned daily
  • • Changes in building plans MUST be approved by inspector
  • • All inspections will be recorded and posted at inspected areas
  • • Building permit (state) last 2 yr if exterior is not finished
  • • Keep in mind, inspector has the right to stop and view the project anytime
  • • Any questions or problems, please call cell 608-574-3880 first.

Always remember — Follow the plan and close communication will help process go smoothly!

RETROACTIVE TO April 1, 2007, the State UDC and HUD cover ALL installations of Manufactured and Modular Homes under Subchapter X1 and SPS 321.40 (old comm. 21.40)
All units/models will meet this code if constructed after April1, 2007. If unit is older it will meet the code at the time/date of manufacturing.

Clerk receives application with payment in full:

After board approval at following Monthly Meeting:

  • • Building/Land Use portion will be copied and forwarded to Building Inspector and Assessor. Permit sent to land owner for posting.
  • • Driveway portion will be copied and forwarded to Fire Dept for their review. After review approved, land owner will be notified and permit issued.
  • • Fire Sign portion will be forwarded to Fire Dept.
  • — Fire Dept will coordinate with county, order, receive, install signs and invoice town for completed work. Sign invoicing will come to town from vendor.